7 tricks to make your home appear bigger

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How to trick the eye into making a room or space appear bigger than it is and make the most of the small space you have in your home. Small house living tips including clever storage ideas, lighting tips and how to declutter your home. Make a home feel larger with these seven expert tips #homedecor #smallroomdesign

In order to solarize the soil, you must cover it with
a clear plastic tarp for approximately 4 to 6 weeks
during a time of the year when it is very hot and when
the soil will be able to receive maximum direct

The soil heats up to temperatures that are hot enough
to kill some soil inhabiting pests including root rot
fungi, wilt, noxious weed seed and root knot

Soil solarization also stimulates the releasing of
nutrients from organic matter that is present in the
soil. It is very effective in treating garden soils
where it is intended to plant herbs, vegetables and

Now that you know what soil solarization is, you may
want to give it a try to your soil rather than using
different chemicals to control weeds and other pesky
little critters!

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